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Finding Mitrou

To visit Mitrou, and the charming village of Tragana, take E75, the National Road (Gr. Ethniki Odhos, Εθνικη Οδος), north from Athens for about 140 kms. If you are coming directly from the airport, follow signs to the Attic Highway (E94), and stay on it until you come to the turnoff for E75 towards Lamia (North). Follow signs for Lamia. Tragana has its own exit ramp. Shortly before you come to the Tragana exit, you will pass turnoffs for Malesina and Theologos. Depending on traffic, the trip should take between 1.5 and 2 hours by car.

Once you have taken the Tragana exit, you have a choice at the bottom of the ramp to turn left or right. Left takes you into the village of Tragana. The heart of the village is the central square dominated by a big white church. If you wish to go directly to the site, turn right at the bottom of the ramp, and drive towards the sea until you come to the beach (about 1 km from the ramp). You will see the islet of Mitrou on your left. Remember, we will only be there during excavation hours (6:30 a.m. to 2:30 a.m.).

The little beach community is called Traghana paralia (“Tragana beach”). Tragana beach has three café-bars, one of which has an excellent fish restaurant behind it. In the village of Tragana, there are several café-bars, a souvlaki place, and a wonderful restaurant/butcher-shop! It is a nice place to stop for lunch and a swim, even if you do not plan to visit the dig! There are two hotels in the village if you plan to stay overnight.

Map of Mitrou and Greece
Map of central Greece