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The Mitrou Archaeological Project (MAP) is a cooperative venture between the University of Tennessee and the Greek Archaeological Service. MAP is co-directed by Professor Aleydis Van de Moortel of the Classics Department at the University of Tennessee, and by Eleni Zahou of the 14th Ephoreia of Classical and Prehistorical Antiquities (IDEPKA) at Lamia.

Mitrou from ATR monastery

Mitrou is a tidal islet in the bay of Atalanti in East Lokris, Greece. For most, if not all, of the Bronze Age, Mitrou was the largest and most important settlement of East Lokris, and it is in an excellent state of preservation.

The first season of excavation has revealed the presence of an Early Iron Age settlement and cemetery above the earlier strata. Surface finds indicate human habitation stretches back through to the beginning of the Neolithic, too. Thus, Mitrou promises to reveal fascinating information on the crucial transitions between the various periods or cultures.