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Field School

pgkraterMAP will offer three different field schools in the summer of 2008:

  1. a basic field school for up to 16 students without field experience will cover all aspects of the excavation,
  2. an advanced field school for up to 4 experienced students will focus on the excavation and analysis of burials.
  3.  a geophysical field school

We expect students in the basic or advanced field schools to be present from June 9-August 10 to allow for 3-4 days of orientation at the start, and 3-4 days of cleaning up at the end. The geophysical field school extends from June 15-June 28.

Students in the basic or advanced field schools will receive 9 or 10 credits (the tenth credit will be awarded if a student is invited to submit a research project). The fees for either the basic or advanced field school are $5,500. The fees for the geophysical field school are $3,400.

All three field schools will be open to students from any university in any country.

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